Blending the latest in Modern Education with Traditional Indian Arts, Sciences and Values.

“It’s not just the intellect… it’s also the overall holistic and spiritual development.”
Shruthi Sridhar, Parent


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Successfully integrating subjects like modern physics and mathematics with Classical Indian Literature, Sanskrit and Ayurveda. Social and environmental sciences are taught alongside Indian music, dance and drama.


Under the guidance of renowned Vidwan Dr. K L Shankaranarayana Jois

The knowledge brought into light by the ancient sages of Bharata are the beacons for tranquility for an individual, family, society, nation and to the whole world. They are all subtle science. The intuitive vision of the creation realized by the sages is the origin of these sciences. They are the bridge between this world and the abode of god. A step towards fourfold human accomplishment. A solid foundation for an ecstatic life. The effort of Vidyanandini Gurukula to spread the fragrance of these ancient sciences along with contemporary education is highly commendable.
With warm wishes, I hope the citizens of Mysore and surrounding villagers will utilize this opportunity and send their children.

~ Dr K L Shankaranarayana Jois


Highly sought after today by Indian families. Bharati Yogadhama’s VidyaNandini Gurukulam blends the latest in modern education with traditional Indian arts, sciences and values.

Serene Environment

to nurture a child’s mind, heart and soul.

Small Class Sizes

with personalized student/teacher relations.

Emphasis on Indian Identity,

culture and citizenship.

Support and Develop

a child’s noble qualities.

Encourage Intellectual

and personal growth and development.

Fostering Yoga and Bhoga

– material wealth and inner happiness.

Highly Experienced Teachers

with Bharatiya values.

New Facilities

based on traditional architecture.

Learning Environment

surrounded by desi cows, sacred trees, plants and herbs.

NOIS Registered 

and recognised by the Government of India.


Highly experienced teachers with Bharatiya values.


Assessment to encourage intellectual and personal growth and development.


English medium school registered under the National Institute of Open Schooling (NOIS) and recognised by the Government of India.

Our goal at VNG

Fostering Yoga and Bhoga – material wealth and inner happiness.