Established in 2021, VidyaNandini Gurukulam offers an exceptionally well rounded educational experience for children from kindergarten to 8th standard.

Welcome from the Principal of VNG

Smt. Nagaveni K L (M.A, B.Ed.)

Principal of VNG with 37 years of experience.
With over 37 years of experience in both teaching and school management, Smt K L Nagaveni is both versatile and highly qualified. A Vidwaduttama in Alankaara Shaastra, MA in Sanskrit and Kannada, and a B. Ed degree, she is an academic and educationist of the highest caliber. Nagaveni began her service as an assistant teacher, subsequently culminating her career as the principal of Ex-Municipal Government High School, Kanakapura, Karnataka.
As a teacher, Nagaveni earned the love of her students, as a principal, she earned the respect of her colleagues. While her dedicated service led to accolades and titles from the government as well as private institutions. An energetic attitude coupled with the urge to institute societal changes through education have led Nagaveni to become the principal of Vidyanandini Gurukulam, where she continues to inspire the children and teaching faculty alike. Her managerial instincts act as a guiding light illuminating the path forward for Vidyanandini Gurukulam.
Inscribed in the logo of Vidyanandini Gurukulam is the holy Vishnu Purana, “Saa vidyaa yaa vimuktaye”. These words describe an education which liberates one from the cycle of rebirth. Vidyanandini Gurukulam is dedicated to intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. It offers students the knowledge and courage to discover the true purpose of his/her existence. We welcome you all to Vidyanandini Gurukulam, where your child will be brought up under the guidance and wisdom of the great Maharshis of this land. “Sanaatana Bhaarata Dhanyavaadah!”

VidyaNandini Gurukulam is situated in a serene environment at the foothill of Chamundi.  A wonderful learning location with abundant nature-filled spaces for students to explore.

We would be delighted to show you around the Gurukulam so you can experience for yourself the happy and caring atmosphere that underpins all we do – please contact our enrolments team to arrange a visit. You can read more about our mission here, watch our Gurukulam Video, then book in for an Open Day


Meet the rest of our Teachers.

Our Administrator

Sri Rohitha R Tanthri (B.E, M.S.)

Science and Mathematics with 12 years of experience.

Committed and hardworking with enduring dedication, Rohitha has over 10 years of practical experience in management, academics, and the technical fields. He excels in analytical and problem solving skills and exhibits keen conceptual insights. Rohitha brings these characteristics to his role as administrator of VNG just as he did while managing 300+ staff at the Shree Krishna Matha and as secretary of the head of Shree Adamaru Matha. He was an assistant professor at Srinivas Institute of Technology and at Mangalore University, as well as a System Software Engineer in ST-Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd in Bangalore. 

Rohitha holds an M.S. from Manipal Manipal University and a B.E. from KVG College of Engineering. He won the first prize in the project exhibition EXPO-2009 held in KVGCE, was awarded the ‘Rashtrapati Scout Puraskar’, is a Carnatic singer and musician and speaks English, Hindi, Kannada and Tulu.  

Our Teachers and Staff

Highly experienced teachers with Bharatiya sensibilities and values will guide your child through VNG’s rich curriculum.

Smt K Anuradha

(M.Sc, M.A, M.Phil, M.Ed, PGDHA)

Teaches all subjects with 30 years of experience. Conducts NEET coaching, has served as a principal of a college. She has good experience as a student counselor.

Sri Dattatreya

(M.A, B.Ed.)

Teaches Kannada, English, Hindi and Social with 17 years of experience.

Smt. Pushpavalli

(M Com, Montessari certified)

Teaches all subjects with over 16 years experience.

Smt Manjula M S 

(B.A, B.Ed, Montessori certified)

Teaches all subjects including Hindi with 15 years of experience.

Sri Guruganesha U S

(Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc -Yoga and Therapy)

Teaches Mathematics and Computer Science with 4 years of experience.

Sri Gopikrishna

(M.A-Samskruta, M.A-Jyotishya)

Samskruta and Shlokas with 6 years of experience.

Sri Shreedhara T D

(Diploma in Yoga)

Teaches Samskruta and Bhagavadgeeta with 3 years of experience.

Sri Sudeep

(Diploma in Yoga, M.A -Jyotishya)

Teaches Yoga with 10 years of experience.

Sri Prajwal Joshi

(Acharya , M.A in Samskruta)

Fresher. Teaches Samskruta, Kannada and Bhagavadgeeta classes. Additional skills in screenplay writing, direction, video editing.

Kum Sampreetha  

(M,Com, B.Ed)

Fresher. Has the ability to teach all subjects. 

Smt Lalitha M V


Teaches all subjects with 23 years of experience. A creative individual with a penchant for handicrafts, drawing and painting.

Smt Lalitamma R


Teaches all subjects with 20 years of experience. Being a music teacher herself, she passionately teaches classical music to the students of gurukulam.



Vijayagiri, Uttanahalli
Mysore, Karnataka, India
Telephone:  +91 7204236382, +91 9845477929


Our goal at VNG

Support and develop a child’s Noble Qualities.